Rasheda Rcropped-cropped-rashedarawnakkhan.jpghe is currently writing her dissertation. Her research interests include political economy, urban politics, gender studies and media. She has published several research papers. Her socio-political writings focus on ideology, power, politics and the role of the media. Khan is also a media personality, hosting and directing political talk shows as a platform for the voice of the youth. Khan’s first talk show, First Voter, promoted the voices of voters before the 2008 election. This show “First Voter” in channel I, which helped to raise first voters’ voice against the campaign of ‘no vote’ during the caretaker government. After that she hosted different popular talk shows, such as “First Minister”, “Follow up: First Minister”, “Mutijuddher Golpo”, “Kothay Dariye Amra?” etc. “First minister” was a program which highlighted the goals, plans, vision and objectives of ministers who became cabinet members for the first time. First-time voters and people from different classes and professions also took part in the program. People from all walks of life shared their thoughts and views through videoconference on her all shows. She always believes that her programs are not mere TV programs; rather these are all platform to raise youth’s voice on behalf of new generation. She is a regular columnist in print and online media.